Cosmetic Pencil Packaging

Empty Eyebrow Pencil packaging, whether for a double-ended eyebrow pencil or any other brand, always leaves me wondering just how much extra profit the manufacturer is able to extract from its products. The most obvious example is the case of the Revlon ColorStay line of products. There are a ton of products in this range and they have been successful for years, so why is the manufacturer able to get such a good price for them? The simple answer to this question is that the company has a huge marketing budget and it uses this to leverage price increases. In most cases it's not that the product is poor, but that it requires an inflated price to be seen as worthwhile by consumers.

Another example is the empty eyebrow pencil packaging which appears very often on lipstick tubes. It's not that these products are poor quality or a bad fit - sometimes they're just packaged in weird ways to get more money out of the customer. Usually it's an extra small lipstick tube with the colour printed on it, but if a customer looks carefully at the back of the tube, the product inside is transparent and there is no color to be seen.

Empty Eyebrow Pencil packaging can also appear on compact mirrors and, to be honest, I don't give a damn whether it's a compact mirror or not. But the plastic tube may be too short to be useful to the consumer. If you look at waterproof mascara tube versions, you'll see that one of the arms will be filled with silicone to help the waterproof formula cling to the hair and stay there. Why is the manufacturer allowed to do this? If the product was truly waterproof then the arm shouldn't be so full of silicone to ensure that the waterproof ingredients stay where we put them.

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