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When it comes to promotional items you cannot go wrong with empty Eyebrow Pencil packaging. This pencil packaging is great as a gift for a client who works in advertising and design, especially if they work with design teams. Empty Eyebrow is a high quality, durable plastic product that comes with an empty eye brow pencil sleeve. When you order one of these products in bulk you can usually get a discounted price. This can add up quickly so make sure you buy in bulk and you will not have any problems with the cost.

If you are going to give the empty eyebrow pencil packaging as a gift to your clients you need to get a few things very clear. The first thing you need to ask yourself is if the client will be happy to have this cosmetic pen on their desk and at eye level. This means you need to get the packaging in the correct size and shape so the customer doesn't think its too big or small. You also need to make sure that both the pen and the sleeve are waterproof. This can be difficult if you are giving the product to someone who is allergic to many chemicals. Many people prefer to use double ended waterproof but it is best to use a full waterproof cosmetic pen eyebrow pencil and a waterproof sleeve if possible.

Another reason you should use this product is that if you use a professional manufacturer they will offer free samples to your customers. These samples are available in various different sizes from the smallest travel size up to a full size large format brush. The larger format brush will be perfect for drawing and shaping eyebrows. As I mentioned earlier the most important thing is to make sure that you order enough samples so that your customer has them use. Some manufacturers allow you to place an order and then have them send you back a few different free samples. So, if you want to test the effectiveness of their free samples before you buy you should order them in advance and stock up on these beautiful pencils.

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